Learning the Bagpipes


Beginners do not start on a set of bagpipes.  Beginners start on a practice chanter. This should be your first purchase.  A set of bapipes is not required for several months depending on the learning curve and dedication of the student.  Recommended practice chanter kits are available for purchase below. KIts are available in both blackwood and plastic to fit your budget.  If you are buying a kit for a young child, please contact me first, as their smaller hands my require a smaller sized chanter.


Practice requirements

Learning the bagpipes requires dedication to a consistent practice schedule. Many adult students begin lessons with a fantasy that they will learn to play bagpipes and it will be easy.  No instrument is easy to learn. All instruments require the student to practice consistently in order to make progress.  The bagpipes are an especially demanding instrument, one that requires your daily attention. I expect my students to practice the length of their lesson daily.


Buying Bagpipes

There are no “starter” or “student” sets of bagpipes.  A set of bagpipes is a serious investment, but one that will last you a lifetime and can be passed on to others if taken care of.  I am a dealer of several quality brands of bagpipes and offer competitive prices.  When you are ready to purchase your bagpipes, we can talk about your instrument needs.  When you purchase your bagpipe from me, it will come completely set up and have all the accessories you need for your new set.  I offer bagpipes from Naill, Henderson, McCallum and Gibson.